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Signs for wholesalers - which to choose?

Signs for wholesalers - which to choose?

The wholesaler is a public use building, and is also a workplace, so it is subject to the Decree of the Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration of June 7, 2010. on fire protection of buildings, other structures and grounds (Dz. U. 2010 No. 109 item 719 as amended. zm.). It follows that the owner of the facility and the employer must ensure that the facility is properly marked and that the safety of employees and others in the facility is ensured.

Evacuation and firefighting signs

The evacuation route is intended to enable those present in the building to leave it quickly and as safely as possible. For this purpose, evacuation signs are used. They are characterized by a green color and bright pictogram, which is often made with photoluminescent technology, making it visible in the dark and with limited light. Evacuation signs are subject to the PN-EN-ISO 7010:2012 standard - they are signs: emergency exit to the right, direction of escape route, collection point for evacuation, direction to the exit of the escape route to the left, direction to the exit of the escape route by the stairs to the left i pull to open.

The wholesaler should also have firefighting equipment, which is marked with specific pictograms in order to find it quickly in the event of a fire outbreak. They are subject to the same standard as evacuation signs. These include fire extinguisher, fire doors i prohibition of water extinguishing.

Health and safety signs

Warehouses store all sorts of products, sometimes hazardous substances. In addition, machinery and equipment are emerging, the improper use of which can pose a threat to human health and life. Any such place, goods or equipment should be properly marked. The signs will be used in the wholesale business warning of electric voltage, warning against horizontal transport equipment or warning against flammable substances.

Health and safety signage in the warehouse should be individually adapted to the space of the building, the goods stored and the electrical equipment present. Do not forget the basic signs, which in turn are designed to help locate a particular room, such as a toilet, office, checkroom, storage room or boiler room.

Signs, both occupational health and safety, as well as firefighting and evacuation signs, are made on a variety of substrates, making it easier to match them to the place of attachment, as well as the conditions in the room. It can be self-adhesive film, TD board, 1 mm rigid board or floor film.

Shipping stickers

To ensure the safety of workers as well as goods, properly label all containers and boxes whose contents are out of sight and unknown. Some require special handling, and goods in the warehouse are transported between shelves, but also departments, where other teams work. Of particular note are the designations: guard against moisture, breakable load i higher temperature materials. They come in the form of self-adhesive stickers, so they are quick to apply and adhere well to surfaces.

As a public facility and at the same time a place of work, the wholesaler is subject to specific regulations and requirements. It is necessary to comply with the Ordinance on Fire Protection of Buildings, as well as the Labor Code. The marking of the building is intended to ensure the safety of employees, as well as to enable efficient evacuation and rescue operations in the face of a threat to health and life.


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