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Health and safety signs to save lives

Health and safety signs to save lives

Every owner of a public-use building, its manager, or an employer in a workplace has a duty to ensure the safety of the people in it. It is necessary not only to properly mark the evacuation route and fire-fighting equipment, but also medical equipment. So, in addition to evacuation and fire signs, there are health and safety signs for saving life and health.

Health and safety signs to help save people's lives

In any facility, regardless of its purpose, an accident can occur with the risk of not only health but also human life. This is not always due to structural defects in the building or failure to comply with regulations, but sometimes the cause is beyond human control - a bender, fall or injury.

Health and safety signs for lifesaving are used to mark places and equipment that are helpful and necessary for first aid. The purpose of placing them in the building is to reduce the time of the rescue operation as much as possible and possibly help the injured person as quickly as possible until the arrival of emergency services. Signs allow you to efficiently find first-aid kit or defibrillator by people unfamiliar with the interior of the building, the layout of the rooms and their purpose. In this way, the consequences of an accident, such as permanent injury or even death, can be avoided in many cases.

Characteristics of health and safety signs for saving life and health

In order to be easily recognized safety and health rescue signs, the same color scheme and shape are used with them. They are all green in color with a white border, a pictogram and possibly an inscription. They have a square or rectangular shape. As for the dimensions, they come in several formats so that they can be easily adapted to specific conditions. The most important thing is to make them visible and their message unambiguous and quick to interpret.

Occupational safety and health signs for life and health saving are made on various substrates. So they can be placed on any surface. These include self-adhesive film, floor film, rigid board and TD board. In addition, for better visibility, especially in limited light, it is worth choosing an option with photoluminescent technology. Such signs will help locate a dressing station or an emergency phone even in the dark.

Types of safety and health rescue signs

SIGNproject offers three types of health and safety signs for saving lives. The first group includes signs in accordance with PN-EN-ISO 7010:2012. They were created according to the guidelines of the European standard, so they are readable by both people from our country and from abroad. The aim of the standard's unification is to make the pictograms easily interpretable by anyone, regardless of their background or permanent residence. Among them are First aid, Emergency phone i Defibrillator.

The second group includes health and safety rescue signs with descriptions. They are characterized by the presence of both a pictogram and an inscription, making them even easier to read even without knowing the meaning of the graphics on them. They are: Safe zone, A room with a first aid kit i First Aid Kit. The third group is made up of complementary rescue signs. These include Dressing station i First aid kit.

Help to the victim should be an immediate response. Health and safety emergency signs avoid long searches for essential first aid equipment. In this way, we do not lose precious seconds, which often determine the life of another person.


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