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Fire protection in the workplace

Fire protection in the workplace

Fire is a hazard that occurs in every building. In the workplace, it is the duty of the employer or owner of the facility to provide maximum safety to employees in this aspect. This requires both equipping the premises with the appropriate firefighting equipment, as well as putting up firefighting signs.

How fire signs affect worker safety?

The employer's obligations in the field of fire protection are contained in the Law of August 24, 1991. on fire protection. It follows that he must ensure both the safety of employees and occupants of the building and the possibility of a possible smooth evacuation. This is directly related to fire training, as well as fire safety signage.

Fire safety signs are both informational, as well as prohibition and order, which depends directly on their appearance and message. Fire safety signs are used to mark the location of firefighting equipment, indicate potential hazards and prohibited activities, as well as the evacuation route.

What does fire safety signage look like?

Fire protection signs can be recognized by their colors. They differ mainly in shape. Fire safety signs can:

  • Have a square shape with a white border and a pictogram on a red background
  • Have a rectangular shape with a white border, red background and a white pictogram and inscription

In all of these cases, the main goal is to prevent fires in the building and, at the same time, enable an efficient rescue and evacuation operation to take place.

Types of fire signs

Fire signs are among the safety signs and are subject to certain standards. On this basis, two types of fire safety signs can be distinguished:

In addition, the following are used in fire safety signage fire protection signs. - Technical Fire Protection Measures, for example, a sign indicating the direction of evacuation, i.e Close fire doors. Direction of the escape route to the left and indicating directly the presence of indoor plumbing components - the Hydrant valve.

To increase fire safety in the workplace, you can also use fire protection signs. - Supplemental, among which are Firefighting equipment i Main power switch.

Safety - fire protection signs are a must in every workplace. Failure to do so will result in fines for the building owner and/or employer. Signage is subject to inspection by a health and safety inspector, who can also provide guidance on how else to improve the safety of building occupants.


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