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Find out what health and safety signs should be at gas stations

Find out what health and safety signs should be at gas stations

Health and safety signs at service stations are primarily used to optimize safety in the designated area. Exercising extreme caution is key to avoiding unwanted incidents resulting from the presence of flammable fuels. Proper marking of the area is therefore a prerequisite for maintaining order and the highest possible level of safety for both employees and customers.

Health and safety signage at gas stations and the legal basis

The obligation to place health and safety signs at service stations is due from the Labor Code, according to which the employer is obliged to provide its employees with health and safety at work. In addition, the Ordinance of the Minister of Labor and Social Policy of September 26, 1997. on general regulations on occupational health and safety stipulates that all places where there is a potential danger should be properly marked. When planning health and safety signage at service stations, it is also necessary to take into account the Regulation of the Minister of Economy of November 21, 2005. on technical conditions, concerning liquid fuel stations, which clearly indicates that fuel stations should be properly labeled.

Health and safety signs at gas stations - informational, warning and prohibition signs

Health and safety signs at gas stations are very different in nature. It is important that they appear in a prominent place and are easy to interpret. Among such signs are information and warning signs, such as. Keep a safe distance from the vehicle taking fuel i While taking fuel, extinguish the engine. Several of the signs in effect at a gas station can be replaced by a sign that takes them all into account, such as the sign Keep a safe distance from the refueling vehicle. Turn off the engine while refueling.

If there are also additional stations at the gas station for activities other than fueling, use informative gas station health and safety signs to mark them. These include Compressor i Car wash. They are characterized by a white background and blue pictograms, making them easily distinguishable from yellow warning signs and red-and-white prohibition signs.

Fuel distributor markings

Basic fuel station signage also applies to signs placed at fuel dispensers. They inform about the type of fuel at a particular stand and a particular dispenser. The signs are designed to prevent the mistake of filling up with the wrong fuel for a particular vehicle. These are diesel, diesel i unleaded fuel. This is particularly important because nowadays fuel (except gas) at most gas stations is filled by customers themselves, rather than by station employees.

Health and safety signage at gas stations may vary from one gas station to another. This is due to the variety of services provided. So you need to adjust the signs according to the type of fuels, additional services and risks at the station.

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