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Effective building signage, or how to use signage?

Effective building signage, or how to use signage?

Information boards by design are meant to carry specific information. This includes the danger, as well as the purpose of the room or how to deal with the designated area. What information boards must, should and could be found in workplaces?

Information boards in the workplace

Their presence in the building is intended to facilitate the maintenance of order associated with moving around the facility and performing their duties at the appropriate place and time. Depending on the type of information board, it is subject to different standards and regulations.

It is certainly important to know that every building owner and employer has an obligation to ensure the safety of the users of the facility while they are on the premises. Information boards are intended to help him do this, especially if they are warning in nature, i.e. informing about a specific danger arising from the specifics of the place, such as. Explosion hazard zone.

In addition, monitoring is very often installed in public facilities, which has to do with the safety of the people in the building, as well as the documents or equipment that are in it. The rules for the use of monitoring in the workplace are regulated by the Labor Code, which states that "if it is necessary to ensure the safety of employees or the protection of property or the control of production or the preservation of the secrecy of information, the disclosure of which could expose the employer to harm, the employer may introduce special surveillance of the premises of the workplace or the area around the workplace in the form of technical means for recording images (monitoring)". In addition, the object must be marked with a special array, i.e Facility monitored.

In addition, regulations have been established regarding the ban on smoking in public places. In accordance with the Law of November 9, 1995. on the protection of health from the consequences of tobacco and tobacco products (Dz. U. of 2017. pos. 957, as amended. zm.) mark No smoking of tobacco products and electronic cigarettes on the premises should contain verbal and graphic signage clearly indicating the prohibition in force.

Types of signs used for building signage

We can divide information boards according to their purpose, as well as the form of the message they convey.

How to use information boards in the workplace?

It is not only the choice of the right signage that matters for the effectiveness of workplace signage, but also the way in which signs are used. They should be in a conspicuous place, clearly indicating what they pertain to and in which area they apply. Their dimensions must be large enough to be easily seen from several meters away. As for room signage, the information boards must be located directly on the entrance door to the room to which they apply. Signs with conflicting messages may not be placed side by side so as not to mislead those involved.

Information boards make sense not only in large facilities where a lot of people work and the flow of information is limited. In small buildings such rules also apply. Thanks to them, occupants of the building can move around it efficiently, quickly find a specific room, as well as be careful in areas where there is a specific danger.


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